who we are

Getanicki happily offers convenience as a service. Leveraging every day technology, we pair you and our members with local, reliable, and capable “nickis” who are eager to offer their assistance & the time to give you yours back.  Getanicki serves as the invisible string connecting you to the people, places and all things delicious in your surrounding community. Through our creative and personally curated service offerings, we promote local business commerce with the belief that the success of one of us is a success for all of us.

how we stand out from the rest

With the countless crowdsourced apps currently on the market, focusing on specific customer needs while ignoring the big picture, Getanicki takes a holistic view of the customer, providing wraparound services that cover all aspects of the customer’s life.

Need help with breakfast this morning?  Getanicki is on their way with bagels and a tub of schmeer.

Need a package or letter shipped out by end of day?  Getanicki is on their way over to grab it.

Need help shopping for groceries, or picking up your curbside order?  Getanicki is only a text away!

 And it doesn’t stop there.  Getanicki is powered by an army of nickis, orbiting neighborhoods near and far in service of our nicki network (you!).

In their travels, when they come across unique local businesses, they just can’t keep quiet about it, and often put the word out to the network that they’ve come across something cool that must be tried.  Better yet, they’ll even offer to bring it to you!

This is called a nicki popup, and it’s going to expand your world

There isn’t a task you can imagine that nicki can’t help you out with, and a day of your life that nicki can’t help you improve.

So text Getanicki, and get-your-stuff-done, NOW!

Fear not, help is only a text away!

pills fixed as question mark sign

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